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Monday, May 3, 2010

21-241: Grade Cutoffs

I've heard from a few of you asking how to interpret your "Cumulative Average" from the Blackboard gradebook. As you are likely aware, the grade cutoffs for your final averages will depend on the grade cutoffs for each assignment. I average these cutoffs (the same way I compute your averages) to get the cutoffs for final averages.

To interpret your "cumulative average" you should use the following cutoffs, based on the mid-terms and homework to date.

A cutoff - 83.21
B cutoff - 69.29
C cutoff - 55.36
D cutoff - 40.36

The final cutoffs will depend on the grade cutoffs for the final exam. The final cutoffs may be above or below these cutoffs, but probably not by too much.

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