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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

21-241: Class Notes

I've posted the notes from Lecture 1 on the Blackboard site. They are in the "Course Content" area. I'll try to get notes written for each lecture, but I can make no promises!

Monday, August 25, 2014

21-241: Week #1

The assignemnts for Week #1 have been posted on the Schedule page. Note that you will have to click through some links to get to the homework problems that are due on Friday.

The textbook introduces the idea of a matrix slightly earlier than we will in class - only a day or two, but it makes a difference due to the timing of HW#1. The homework problems selected will not require you to think in terms of matrices. We'll save that for next week.

21-241: Lecture 1

Today's lecture covered Section 2.1 in the text. As I mentioned in class, we will be covering topics in a different order that the textbook, and so at times topics will be mentioned in the text that we will not yet have discussed. You will note that in Example 2.6, the textbook introduces the idea of a matrix, which we will not use in class until Friday.

21-241: Fall 2014

Welcome to 21-241 Matrices and Linear Transformations for the Fall 2014 semester. I'll post information and updates about the course on this blog. The main source of information about the course is the Course Home Page, and in particular, the Schedule Page. There is a Balckboard site for the course, which will be used to record your grades, and distribute solutions.