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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

21-120 Final Wrapup

Well, the semester has drawn to a close. Here are the final statistics for the course. You can see that the final grade cutoffs are

A 74.32
B 62.95
C 52.95
D 41.25

I don't use Blackboard to compute grades, but your final average, unless you have late homeworks, will be the same as your "weighted average" from the blackboard site. At least they ought to be. Until a few moments ago, Exam #3 was categorized as an "assignment" rather than an "exam", which threw off the calculation. I've corrected that though, so now, you should be able to compare your "weighted average" to the cutoffs above to determine your grade. As long as you don't have any late homeworks, that is.

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