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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mid-Semester Grades

Well, for better or worse, I've posted the mid-semester grades for 21-120. You can check SIO to see how you are doing. You may be curious exactly how I assigned the grades. Well, here is exactly how I assigned the grades. To get your current average, I computed

( .60 x [Exam #1] + .15 x [Homework Average] )/.75

This is the "Weighted Average" from the Blackboard Gradebook. To get the letter grade cutoffs, I averaged the grade cutoffs for each assignment, just like I computed you averages. For example, the cutoff for the B-range was [(.60)(60)+(.15)(75)]/.75=63.

For +/- cutoffs, I simply divided each letter grade range into two (for A's and D's) or three (B's and C's) equal parts.

If you'd like to know where you stand in the class, you can look at the current Statistics for the course.

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