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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Exam #2 Review

I've posted the review page for Exam #2. As before, I've included all the sections that will be covered. I've also provided an extensive list of review problems. You may have a method of studying that works for you, but if you are having trouble finding a place to begin, I would suggest the following:

Begin with a quick scan of each section, and try to do the first two or three problems listed. Then go on to the next section. Once you've been through each section, go back through and work on the next few problems. As you do this, make a note of which problems/sections give you the most difficulty. Go back and study those sections more carefully.

Also, don't forget to look over your homework assignments and class notes. Exam #2 will be basically the same format; four to six problems, most with a few parts. Exam #2 is likely to be more computational than Exam #1, but not necessarily easier.

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