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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

21-260: Edits to Online Assignment #2

I need to make some comments and clarifications about this week's online assignment.

  1. First, you need to find a differential equation, but you do not need to solve it! Also, I give you information that leads to an initial condition. You should enter an initial value problem (i.e. a differential equation with an initial condition) as your answer. I've updated the question to reflect this.
  2. When I wrote this problem, I made a mistake that has caused the interest rates to be very small. That's okay, though. We can live with that. Also, I accidentally wrote "mayment" instead of "payment." Finally, the numerical value of k that you enter should be in units of [$ per year]. Your answer should be to the nearest dollar. Blackboard won't let me make these corrections/updates in the problem, though.
  3. This is a linear differential equation, which we will discuss in class tomorrow. If you work out the answer to 2 decimal places, you should be okay.
  4. Same as for problem 3.

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