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Thursday, February 23, 2012

21-260: Exam #1

I returned Exam #1 during class yesterday. If you didn't get yours, you can pick it up from your TA during recitation today. The grade cutoffs for the exam are - A:85, B:75, C:65, D:50. These cutoffs are important for two reasons. First, it gives you an idea where you stand, and second, I use them to compute grade cutoffs for your cumulative averages.

Since the grade cutoffs for this exam are the same as for the homework assignments, the grade cutoffs for cumulative averages are the same, too - A:85, B:75, C:65, D:50. I compute the grade cutoffs for cumulative averages by averaging the grade cutoffs the same way I average your grades (i.e. the A cutoff for cumulative averages is the average of the A cutoffs for each assignment).

An important point to note is that, when computing your averages, the difference between, say, an 84 and 85 is only a 1% difference, not a whole letter-grade difference.

I will make your exam grades and cumulative averages available on the blackboard site.

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