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Friday, April 30, 2010

21-241: Exams and Grades

I returned Exam #2 during class today. As you know, there was a relatively large number of students who took an alternate exam. The average grades on the two exams were significantly different (though the standard deviations were roughly the same). In order to treat all students as fairly as possible, I've scaled up the grades on the alternate exam. If you took the (pink) exam on Friday morning, the grade recorded on Blackboard will be 18 points above the grade on your exam.

I've also created a column on the Blackboard gradebook called Cumulative Average. This is your average so far in the course (including the 5% of your graded given by the higher of your two mid-term grades).

1 comment:

a student said...

What exactly are the typical cut offs for final grades?

I'm not exactly sure how to make sense out of the average if the cut offs for As for the exams are around 80%, and similarly, 85% for hw.