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Monday, August 24, 2009

21-260: Welcome to 21-260

Welcome to 21-260 Differential Equations. As I mentioned in class this morning, there are several things your should be aware of for the course. First of all, the course website. This will be the source of much of your information about the course, via the schedule page and the link to this blog. Also, the Blackboard site, where you can look at your recorded grades, and find homework and exam solutions, and the Wiley-PLUS site, where you will complete online homework.

If you need to purchase a registration code for the Wiley-PLUS site, you can do that here. Once you have registered with the Wiley-PLUS syste, you can access the course materials via this link.

UPDATE: The course-specific URL you need to register/access the Wiley-PLUS page is

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