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Saturday, September 13, 2008

21-260: Assignment for Week #4

The homework assignment for Week #4 has been posted. As always, if you have questions or concerns, post them in the comments.

UPDATE: I've removed the problems out of Section 7.3 from this week's assignment. We just haven't covered enough of that material. I'll include them on a short assignment due next Friday.

UPDATE: There have been some problems with the dfield/pplane website over the last couple days. The site is hosted in Houston. I expect the problems are most likely hurricane related. I'll keep an eye on the site, and if it's not up most of the day tomorrow, I'll alter the assignment accordingly.


Anonymous said...

the link for the dfield program doesn't work-- is this a local computer error or something on the host site's end?

Anonymous said...

never mind, must have been down for site maintenance or something

Anonymous said...

I'm actually getting that the site is down as well right now, tried a few computers just to be sure but cant get it to work...

Dr. Handron said...

Yes, dfield/pplane site has been up and down over the last couple days. It's up now and I'll keep an eye on it. If it's not up most of the day tomorrow, I'll edit the homework assignment to account for that.

It occurs to me that the site is hosted in Houston, so the outages may well be hurricane related.

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